Gay Rights v Miserable Wrongs

by Kat Arnsby

Gay Rights. What a pile of raw bullshit.

It is the 21st century, and ‘Gay Rights’ should be a phrase that is consigned to the history books. Those words should be nothing but an embarrassing reminder that there was once a time when we made rules about what people could do with their lives based solely on who they rubbed against in their bedrooms. It should not be a contemporary issue; and yet it is.

In March 2012 the European Court of Human Rights declared that same sex marriage is not a universal human right. Homos apparently don’t deserve the right to display their love like heteros.

This bowl of stupid soup should be offensively unpalatable to everybody, wherever you fall on the sexual spectrum, because what it suggests is that your sexuality entirely defines you. It carries the implication that something as personal and trivial as how you get jiggy bears some relation to the rest of your social abilities.

Unless you’re a teenager, (or other kind of sex addict) you probably aren’t constantly aware of your sexuality. Do you think about it when you do a presentation at work? While you’re reading an interesting article about the economy? When you’re disciplining your child?

Most of adult life doesn’t revolve around sexuality; it’s part of you, but so are your tastes in food, clothes, houses, music and art.  “The world is sorry Miss Jones, but you aren’t allowed that set of choices because your innate preference is for Dali and we’re a Picasso kind of establishment.” That is obviously inane, but for those who identify as homosexual it’s a silhouette of reality.

If the marriage argument was turned around and anyone who identified as straight was actively forced to marry and procreate then that discussion would be laughed out of any Court of Human Rights; and rightly so, because any unfairly biased restriction of choice is an clear infringement of human rights. One individual having less human rights than another is only acceptable in a scenario where one individual is less human than the other.

It becomes clear that this is a distillation of the statement made by the European Court of Human Rights to a whole new generation of children – people who identify as homosexual are slightly less human than people who identify as heterosexuals.  You could put any amount of elbow grease into polishing that little turd, but it is exactly what’s been said; by an institution wielding massive power and respect.

A statement made just three months ago. In 2012. In Europe.

The Family Education Trust are now seriously gay for the European Court of Rights, bleating worn out, celebratory waffle that includes trite phrases on the themes of ‘child welfare’ and ‘moral force’. Specifically from Norman Wells, a spectacularly bigoted and self righteous mouthpiece who pops up far too regularly in discussions of teenage girls’ sexuality to be credible. Ten minutes spent reading some of their leaflets will leave any reasonable individual convinced that the best way to deal with human sexuality is to sterilise everybody, just in case any more of their type are spawned.

What depresses me is that I’ll be subjected to this guff for years, even my offspring will be stuck with the pointlessness of making sexuality an important public issue, when it’s not; it’s an incidental, private issue.

The whole notion that sexuality is a reason for anything other than intimate pleasure needs to be dumped on the human historical pile of shame along with holocausts, slavery and the repression of females.

I don’t care who you want to fuck, unless I want to fuck you, and even then I only care that you want to fuck me; I honestly can’t find any other relevant interest in another person’s sexuality.